My boy is an optimist


Last night, after I had the audacity to beat Devan at Candyland, he threw a fit.  A huge fit.  The kind that lasts until the moment his head hit the pillow, which happened a good hour earlier than normal due to the fact that Craig and I have worn thin on patience over the last week.  Please tell me this is a phase and it won’t last. I miss our sweet, sweet boy. Anyways, as he was screaming at me in defiance, I was busy confiscating toys.  I never thought I would do that to my children- “confiscate” things.  That words still packs a punch a few decades after I was being punished for my own temper tantrums.  And look how well that worked, cured of my temper. Ha.

So, as Devan continued his screaming fit of defiance, I busily confiscated all of his building blocks, a tub full of matchbox cars, and his entire Thomas the Train set.  This time, I took all the toys to our bedroom so that it would really sink in that they were gone. Because I am a mean, mean Mom.  (Devan told me last night- “I want to send YOU back to WORK!!!”  Craig and I were just exhausted last night, these “battles” really take it out of you.  But as I told Devan later that night when I went in his room to check on him “Tonight wasn’t much fun but tomorrow is a brand new day, you can start over fresh and be a good boy and we will have a great day.”

So this morning, I was pleased that Devan woke up in a great mood and behaved all morning.  As I was combing his hair and getting him ready to send out the door, he gave me a GIANT hug and said- “THANK you for cleaning up my room last night. It looks really clean.  Now we can vacuum!  Thanks, Mom!”

That, my friends, is seeing the glass half full.


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