Mom’s Special Day


I thought it would be pretty awesome if Leah said “Mama” to me for Mother’s Day. 

Leah thought it would be pretty awesome to join her older brother in a Mother’s Day nap boycott.

You win some, you lose some.

Whenever I have a tough day parenting, which lately, seems to be pretty much most every hour of every day, I think about how I want Devan and Leah to think of me when they are adults.  Will they be able to say that I did a good job?  Will I have taught them good values and instilled a strong character? I don’t know.

Craig and I have been blessed to be surrounded with wonderful mothers.  Our own mothers, and their mothers, and our father’s mothers too. All of these women have had such a huge impact on our life and have been such amazing role models for us. We are so incredibly thankful for them!  We have been blessed with an abundance of love and such terrific families that love us and support us in the raising of our own children.  I know we certainly could not do this without help and we deeply appreciate our Moms.

Just in the past four months my mom and my mother in law have babysat, taken the children overnight, listened to many “latest pressing crisis” or “whining and griping about very small problems” phone sessions, (okay, I do this more than Craig) (Okay, Craig never does this), dropped everything to drive over and help us out, taken us in when I couldn’t care for our family, given us encouragement and tips but never interfered with our parenting approach, and have loved us unconditionally.  They are wonderful mothers.

I hope to be one someday too.


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  1. I hope you read this comment even tho it is a little late-you are a great mom and they will hopefully remember mostly the good and overlook the bad, just like you have-thanks:)

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