We took Devan on his first camping trip this past weekend to Watkins Mill State Park and he had a BLAST.  He is definitely a little pyro, but he was also thrilled with smores, and the idea of sleeping in a tent.  He slept great, unlike his Mom and Dad who were awake most of the night listening to the sounds of the night other campers.  Let’s see- an obscene and loud argument from a drunk couple who sounded like a a couple of grade school kids (plus the salty language- I think we heard the F word every 5 seconds for about an hour.  At 3 am).  Finally, they passed out or something because it got quiet.  Until the elderly woman at the next campground over started freaking out and and crying and yelling at her family members. She was obviously disoriented and I heard them try to help her and her yelling at them and crying louder.  It was horrible, and lasted another good hour.  And then there was the other couple who were also obscene, though they weren’t fighting.  The opposite of fighting, actually.  Loudly.  At a campground.  Wow, it was a long night.

But other than our fellow campers, it was a wonderful time.  We played in the fire, explored, and toured the Mill.  We are ready for our June trip, and hoping that we have better company!  

Loving the campfire!

One happy camper

Oak gall on a Shingle Oak.  What? You don’t take pictures of that?
The kid has sharp eyes! (It’s a snail)
Touring Watkins Mill

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