Sew Happily


Most of my quilts are not labeled.  And this is one of the cardinal sins that a quilter can commit, to create a quilt and send it anonymously out into the world.  Every quilting book or blog will tell you this- you must label your quilts.

But by the time I finish binding a quilt, I am usually knee deep in the next project and creating a label falls by the wayside.  I do like to play by the rules though, so I decided it was high time to take care of my label problem.

A few hours on Photoshop and one order from Spoonflower later, I’ve got my labels!

I made a repeating pattern, printed on one yard of fabric.  I have 48 quilt labels and gobs of small labels for miscellaneous projects.  If you have sharp eyes, you can see the “sew happily” in the border.  And you might think “that’s really cheesy.”  And you would be right.  It is, and I usually am not one for sentiment and cheese except for that sewing does make me really happy.  Along with digging around in my yard and getting good and muddy, sewing is my stress release.  Plus, I googled “sew happily” and there is only one other blog with a similar name so I’m good.

Don’t worry, I’m not renaming my blog or starting a business.  All of my sewing is for pleasure only, I don’t take commissions (because my workmanship currently sucks among many other reasons) and I don’t sell what I make, and I don’t plan on that ever changing.  But I thought it would still be nice to have some decent labels, as I want to continually up the quality of the quilts that I make.

Another project crossed off of the to-do list! Moving right along..


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  1. Sew clever and cute! BUT, can Craig vouch for "and sewing does make me really happy"?-I was remembering some story about …(sewing makes me happy too, except for when it totally PO's me). love, guess who

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