All in good fun


I think we have a bad weather curse when it comes to planning a little theme park visit. 

Last year for Garmin’s Worlds of Fun day it poured rain, POURED rain and we slogged through giant, foot deep puddles in our rain ponchos so Devan could experience the thrill of riding a teeny tiny toy train around a teeny tiny track while I watched because I was mega pregnant and couldn’t go on any of the rides.  And oh, our camera batteries were dead.

Then we tried a Silver Dollar City trip this past March.  And it was 70’s the weekend before and the weekend after but we had a 22 degree wind chill to start the morning off. And Leah cried for hours because she was freezing and so I spent half of the day hanging out with the stroller in the glass blowing demonstration area because it was warmer. Though, the sun did eventually appear right before we were leaving to warm the air to a balmy 44 degreees.  So who am I to complain?

Yesterday, Garmin’s World of Fun day for 2011 and though it wasn’t rainy it was misty, and windy, and cold.  And there were ominous clouds taunting us the entire afternoon. Many others were wearing winter hats and coats but ours have been packed away in tubs since, oh, last week so we all just had light jackets because IT’S MAY! What is going on?  And oh, I totally forgot my camera so I just have a few crappy cell phone pics of Devan looking somber on ever single ride he tried.  He tells us he had a great time, but you have never seen a more serious kid on the Charlie Brown’s Windup.  All the other kids were laughing and smiling and Devan looked like he had just been told he was going to be serving some hard time for the lastest tantrum. But overall, it was really fun.  Really.  Just ask my brother Eric.


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