Baby Wonderland, Quilt # 17

Isn’t my little helper cute? Love him.

The next finished quilt I should be showing you is Craig’s Arcadia quilt.  Because up until now, I have been a stickler that I will not let myself start a new quilt until I finish the one I am working on.  And finish means bound, washed, and posted on this ol’ blog here.  But the thing is, working on Craig’s quilt is making me want to poke my eyes out.  And so I had to break my rule and have a little fun with the Wonderland fabric I’ve been hoarding.  

I’ve been having a hard time decided what sort of pattern I wanted to do with this fabirc.  I originally thought patchwork, but so did everyone else in the flickr universe so I decided to copy myself and make another simple strip quilt.  (Is that even the right name?)
We’ve been using the Plume quilt in Leah’s crib and absolutely love the size of it.  And we both swear that she sleeps better when it is there so I thought an exact copy was definitely in order. 
This quilt was a blast to make. The fabric is so soft and wonderful to work with, it came together quickly and with virtually no seam-ripping, and I had a good time with the quilting as well. 

The backing. 

For once, I actually had enough fabric to do the entire backing with the tweedledum dots, or whatever it is called, but I liked a little bit of solid fabric. 

A close up of the quilting
I’m now desperately seeking out more of this fabric, which is ridiculously hard to find. I suppose I may have to try out the swap system on Flickr and give up some of my Katie Jump Rope.  (All of my non-fabric junkie readers- I’m sorry.  I know I sound ridiculous but there really are others out there like me.) 
Well, I guess I better work on finishing Craig’s quilt now.  Ugh.  I’m wondering if I just leave it alone long enough if a binding fairy would come along and finish it up for me.  One can dream…
(p.s. the pictures are jacked up because Blogger sucks right now.  I might fix it later if I have the energy. Dang blogger, you are driving me crazy.)


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