Eleven Months


I wish I could hit pause right now.  Well, if I had that power I probably would not hit pause today specifically, but just in general to slow this girl down from getting any bigger because 11 month-olds are just so darn delightful.  Leah is giggly, and happy, and chubby, and squeezable, and soft, and innocent.  I am so incredibly thankful for her. 

Is that dirt? YUM!

At eleven months, she is 22-ish pounds and has four teeth.  She will pull up to her knees but has no patience for those who might try to make her stand, or take steps, or exert herself in any way.  Because of the fact that she has an older brother- she likes to eat dirt, teethes on rocks, and her favorite playthings are matchbox cars, bristle blocks, plastic Easter eggs, and fridge alphabet magnets. She stores the object of interest in her mouth while she crawls around and the other day I found her sitting in our shower with her mouth in a giant O around the toilet bolt cap. Lovely! 

She loves to talk and proudly announces “all done!!” when she polishes off her meals.  She likes quite a few foods, but NOT strawberries and strongly prefers to be spoon-fed purees rather than eating finger food, we suspect simply because it is easier.  It turns out that my premonitions of having a laid-back baby are totally spot on.  This girl is the definition of chill, and she is an AWESOME sleeper. (Don’t be jealous, we totally earned it.)

I love this age so much because you get to watch as you tiny little baby turns into a little person, almost instantaneously.

But she’ll always be my baby.


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