Still truckin’


I realize I’ve been MIA for over a week, which is unusual for me, but wow have we been busy.  In a good way, but good busy is still busy.  On Monday, as I quickly jogged across the library lawn carrying two huge containers of water for our community garden (which, incidentally, we happened to be profiled in the KC Star, with Devan making the front of the local page!), I struggled with the weight of the water and thought how stupid I must look trying to run and I realized that maybe I am missing the point.  Maybe I should take the containers one at a time and walk across the provided concrete sidewalk rather than trying to accomplish my “relaxing activity” in the shortest amount of time possible.  Maybe life is not indeed a race.  Oh, what I am talking about?  The more I manage to cram in a day, the happier I am and the more successful I feel. My life is a never ending to-do list and I am a happy slave to it. Most of the time.

So this past weekend we relaxed.  Not really.  We (Craig) helped Eric and Julie move, toured a nursery for hours in the misty rain (with Leah strapped to me), ripped out a dozen overgrown shrubs from the front yard with the help of Craig’s family and our neighbor, planted our new community garden plot, substitute-taught Sunday School (and survived), hosted an evening cookout, cleaned our house top to bottom (twice), shopped ’til we dropped (okay, just me for that one), cleaned out the fish tank (just me again) and a dozen other mundane tasks.  I’m tired just thinking of it, but it was great fun. And I held up okay, though I did sit out the most physically demanding tasks. And it dawned on me that as everyone else sweated away in the 90 degree heat digging out these awful yews, that perhaps I should stop feeling sorry for myself because of what I can’t do and maybe I should think of how awesome it is that I can’t do some things.  Making homemade ice cream instead of back-breaking labor?  I suppose I can learn to live with that.

(Many thanks again to Craig’s family for helping with that unpleasant task. Especially when they all worked hard and then took off without even staying for the reward dinner.  Work and run.)

And because I can’t sign off without at least a few cute pictures, here is Devan and Leah with our tiny inflatable pool.  Leah stood at the edge of the pool, dipped her hand in the pool water, licked it off, and repeated at least 50 times.  It’s good for immune system, I say.

Haven’t tried pool water? You’re missing out!

And now you probably won’t hear from me again until next week, when my “vacation” is over and I am back at work.  Because staying home with two kids has me completely worn out. 


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