Pet Peeve


This topic came up at the bridal shower yesterday and it got me thinking about some of my pet peeves.  I have a lot.  Too many for someone to remember.  But there is something that drives me absolutely nuts when I am reading blogs and even company websites- blatant misspellings and malapropisms. 

Kitten Caboodle.
Curve your enthusiasm.

There are many, many more that bother me, but those are a few I have seen most recently.  Their for they are and your for you are drive me particularly crazy, probably because it just isn’t terribly difficult to get that one right.  I actually cringe every time I see that wrong.  Really.  If you watch me reading a blog and someone says “their so awesome” you will visibly see me cringe. 

I won’t go on because I am positive that an astutue reader would be able to quickly comb my archives and provide plenty of examples of my own misuse of the English language.  But at least I try. At least I use spell check.  At least I have my husband comb my blog entries for mistakes and correct them.

But finding some of these mistakes on a company’s website?



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