What I’ve been up to


First of all, if you didn’t catch the link that Jo left in the comments of my Pet Peeve post, you should go check that out. You’ll love it, Alot. And the rest of you will hopefully find it funny as well.

So I’ve been working two jobs.  And I keep starting to sit down and tell you about it but it is a complex situation.  In short, I am doing a sort of sabbatical type arrangement where I am working for a high-end residential designer.  (As is, NOT my yard and probably not your yard either.  Unless you have a pool and a dock and a double deck and a giant dry stream bed and a wildflower meadow and…. lots of money.)  It’s fun, I’m learning a lot, but it is keeping me way busier than I initially thought.  And my workload at my current job hasn’t let up to the extent we were all expecting.  And I still take Friday off.  So this all = work insanity. 

Add to this being a good mom to my kids, keeping our house full of edible food and clean clothes, keeping up with our community garden plot and trying to keep the 50+ new plants we have installed this year watered and alive during this heat wave, and also blogging OF COURSE, and I’m beat.  And oh yeah, still doing that PT stuff.  And the CBT appointments, and making delicious edible gluten free food. And daycare issues.  And sewing deadlines.  And watching Mad Men. And Facebook. I need more hours in the day, desperately

Some days, I’m really happy.  And some days, I’m swimming upstream against a really strong current. 

And finally, this little gem:  I was watching a fly try desperately to fly through our upstairs bathroom mirror.  The entire time I watched him, he persistently went at it over and over again for at least ten minutes.  What an idiot, I thought, that can’t feel good.

Sometimes, perseverance does NOT pay off.


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