Happy Father’s Day, here’s your Stupid quilt.. (Quilt #18)


That would be rude to say.  Good thing I didn’t.  I didn’t think it either, I swear.

And I know I shouldn’t swear, but I did often while working on this quilt, made with so much love, for my husband.  And the fact that I finished binding it on Father’s Day eve was purely coincidental.  In fact, when Craig mentioned that it was his Father’s Day present, I perked up because Devan and I were running a bit behind this week and hadn’t quite purchased a gift yet.

So here, my dear husband, is your very thoughtful gift:

Truthfully, this quilt was a total pain in my butt from the very beginning.  Something went wrong with nearly every step.  And much of that is my own inexperience, but I think it is fair to say that the pattern,  “Mini Merry Go Round”, was sorely lacking in detail.  It would have been sufficient if one had made this particular pattern a few dozen times and just needed some gentle pointers, but it was not enough for an inexperienced sewist such as myself. Directions like: “Sew liked-pieced triangles together in threes to build half hexagons.”  Okay, sounds good.  But it doesn’t mention that you have to slightly offset each triangle by 1/4″ or the edges will not line up.  I discovered this early and quickly seam-ripped the pieces but I think that was a pertinent piece of information.  Or maybe I’m just a sewing moron.

But I finished it, and it’s done, and I’m going to sew a label on it that says it was “Made for You, with Love.”

And so, it must be true. 

Happy Father’s Day to a terrific dad and husband, you are the best.  Now go enjoy your &$%&@* quilt.


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  1. Oh my goodness its gorgeous!!! You call yourself an "inexperinced" quilter? Not anymore 🙂 You probably have more experience than you care have, right? I don't even know how you would go about sewing hexagons together, except by hand? And they're all pieced from triangles? You're my hero!

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