Hot husband, sweet kids.


That’s what I’ve decided I have when I saw our family pictures the other day.

This past Saturday I dressed everyone up in our nice clothes (matching at least) and we all sweated through a little photo shoot out in the nasty humidity and 98 degree heat index.  I was sure it would take no small amount of editing to get rid of our sweaty foreheads, red cheeks, and wet hair but when I saw the final pictures it just looks like we were out enjoying a beautiful, cool autumn day.

I had originally scheduled this last September but I am so glad we decided to wait and do it when Leah was a year old.  I couldn’t be happier with her pictures and thought I would share a few of my favorites, though it was so hard to choose!

First, my adorable almost one year old:

She gives fish kisses!

 And then the whole family:

My handsome guys.

We weren’t sweating! Not at all!

 And finally, the best one of them all which I love from the bottom of my heart:

What a lucky girl I am.


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