Party of the Year


At least it was as far as Leah was concerned!  And that is the LAST big birthday party we are going to do for a loooong time.  (Except for that tiny little shin-dig coming up in a few weeks here.)

Well, we filled this weekend to the brim with fun!  Plenty of Grandma time, birthday cake making, blueberry picking, Leah’s FIRST birthday party, and Anthony and Victoria’s wedding.  Craig and I collapsed on the couch last night surrounded by balloons and lingering dishes and toys strewn everywhere and other random messes from the chaos of the weekend. Signs of a full and happy life, I say.

I’m going to skip the blueberry picking (other than to say, more like a treasure hunt than actual picking- next time the picking report is “poor” we will take their word for it) and move straight to the party. And what a party! We had a blast, and so did the guests (I think!), and so did Leah.  It was so much fun to celebrate our sweetie surrounded by those who love her. 

The theme of the party was “Leah’s Sweet Shop” (would have been Shoppe if I were fancy,  but I’m not.)
It’s impossible to get a good picture of the candy bar, but basically we had gobs of mason jars filled with gobs of candy.  (Candy that I couldn’t stay out of.)

Devan and I raiding the candy pre-party.

Decorations were your standard balloons and streamers in pink, green, and red.  Kind of a Strawberry Shortcake vibe, as it turned out. Around the house I had framed pictures from each of Leah’s first twelve months, each taken with a quilt.  We had water guns and water games outside for the big kids (and some adults) and toys inside for all of the babies and again, candy.  Yum.

So, the cake.  Oh, I had visions for the cake.  Leah had the cutest little outfit for the party with a print of tiny little candies all over it.

Cute outfit, tiny little candies. 

I decided that I was going to make my own fondant, and then make cute, tiny little candies out of the fondant for her cake.  Mom and I slaved in the kitchen for hours on Friday as she baked and frosted a smash cake for Leah, a layer cake for the adults, and a dozen cupcakes for the kids.  I, meanwhile, worked on the fondant.  It was a disaster.  I hate fondant.  About two hours in, I decided that I would be lucky if I could just make the center of the candies.  So, a polka dot cake it was.

Thanks Mom!

Not a candy cake, but still cute.

So the thing about Leah’s smash cake is that I covered it in brightly-colored, hard pieces of fondant about the size of a babies throat.  Yeah, pretty much just a giant choking hazard.  So after we sang Happy Birthday, I had to quickly scrape off every tiny little piece, which was more or less all she had been interested in. She poked at the cakes, licked off her fingers and a few minutes later announced that she was “all done!”  Smash cake FAIL!

Oh well, Devan enjoyed helping her eat it!

We had a great group to celebrate with and are so blessed by all of those who have helped us through this first year- those present and not.  Like I’ve mentioned before it was such a challenging year for us, and not in any of the ways we planned for.  But what a joy it has been to parent this little gal, who is definitely just a bundle of sugar! 

Bye everyone!

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  1. What a fun party!! Leah's dress couldn't be cuter, and the cakes turned out so pretty! You and your mom did an awesome job. Glad she enjoyed her special day 🙂

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