Stuff I Like


In keeping with my recent theme of timliness, I am going to put off my fourth of July recap until it is completely irrelevant, choosing instead to randomly share a few of my recent favorite things.

So here they are, in all their random glory:

1. I spend too much money of fabric, and Mint shows me this is a fact. Every family tends to have a saver and a spender, I don’t need to tell you which one I am. But because I love and respect my husband, I don’t want to spend ALL of our money on fabric. Mint is free, it is addictive, and it will keep you in line. Most of the time.

2. Googly eye tops from Crazy8. I’m pretty sure Crazy8 is my favorite place to buy kids clothes, but the googly eyes put them over the top. The kids are indifferent but I love them. And they have girls clothes in green, and yellow, and orange, and purple…I’m not usually a Gymboree fan but I do love Crazy8.

3. Lemons. This is a holdover from my pregnancy with Leah, I used to HATE lemons. Well, I still can’t seem to get enough, my current favorite is making my own lemon simple syrup, freezing it, then shaving it up with my sno-cone maker. Tastes like summer!

4. Rain. Everyone is either experiencing extreme drought, or flooding. Except us. We are getting the perfect amount of rain, our plants are loving it, and I am so thankful.

5. Our Community Garden. It is so much fun, it fills a need in my soul to dig in the dirt and smell the wonderful smells of marigolds and tomatos. And this time next week, we will have about 100 summer squash. Lock you car doors!

6. Toms shoes. I’ve had them awhile, and I realize this is kind of a teenager fad thing, but man are they comfortable. And they come in size 5.

7. Castelvetrano Olives. These are SO GOOD. You must try them. Find them either at Whole Foods in the olive bar, or by the jar from World Market. Yum.

8. Extra apostrophes. I still haven’t read that grammar book. I probably should, if I want to go around making fun of people who use the wrong “your”. But I’m not sure I want to know about punctuation, because I love to use apostrophes.

9. My job(s). The day will come when I can’t do it all, and I dread that day because decisions will have to be made. I don’t like decisions. I don’t like change. I do like being a landscape architect.

10. Master Chef. It’s my guilty pleasure. I grow tired of most shows after a season or two, which rules out most everything t.v. has to offer. I’m even almost done with Modern Family. I’ve been over the Office for years. But Master Chef, I love it.


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