Balloon Festival


Continuing with my series of boring recap posts, this is where we could be found in the wee hours of Saturday morning.  We all woke up before 6, dressed and headed down to Olathe for the Midwest Balloon Festival. Only this year we didn’t actually pay to get in , we just sat in an office parking lot across from the Mall to watch the balloons float over. At 6:45 we had only seen one balloon and worried that there was too much wind for the morning competition. 

But then, one by one the balloons appeared on the horizon.  What a beautiful sight!

Balloons start to appear on the horizon
Leah, uninterested in the balloons, found Devan’s snacks to be to her liking.
Devan enjoyed photographing some balloons as well
Bear came too, wouldn’t you know.
Someday soon, that will be us up in that basket!

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  1. How fun! We went on Friday night but it was a little too windy so only three balloons took off. The balloon glow was pretty awesome itself! Did you see any of the special shaped balloons?~ April

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