30, and our Garden


Yesterday I turned 30.  So, that was fun.  We took the day off, went to Schlitterbahn, and fried our skin to a bright red crisp.  People have been asking me if it is worth the money I would give a great big emphatic NO.  And the landscaping is wretched.  Just really, really awful.  No design at all, just random crap placed everywhere.  And yes, things like that really bother me but thankfully from the lazy river all you can see is concrete.  But despite the HUGE problem I have with their hideous landscaping and overpriced tickets and the terrible sunburn we came home with, we still had a great time and we’ll probably even go back next year. 

Tomorrow is the big party at the bowling alley and despite the pessimistic post some of you may have caught earlier in the week, I am now looking forward to it again.  Everything is ready, I just get to show up and have fun- and that’s the way it should be.

Changing gears, I’ve been wanting to share pictures of our community garden for awhile now.  Vegetable plants never cease to amaze me with their incredible rate of growth.  The first picture is the day after we planted the garden, May 28th, which is a little bit late for our area.

And then this is the same view, last week.  The heat and humidity and rain have been good to these gardens!   

So far we have harvested about as many yellow squash as I predicted, and a couple of tomatoes.  It’s looking like next week we will be making gallons of salsa if the bugs don’t get the tomatoes first.  I think we will have some great onions too, if I can keep a certain someone from harvesting handfuls of them every single time we visit. 

Our actual plot

Honestly though, Devan is an excellent little garden helper- he waters the plants at the base, crawls in to pick the squash without destroying the plant, takes debris over to the compost bins for me, and entertains me with his funny commentary.  This is the type of mother son activity that I really cherish.  I’ve decided all of the festivals and special events are just not for us.  But an evening poking around in the garden with my little guy? Pure happiness all around. 


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  1. I may have missed an earlier post that answered this, but did you design/help design the garden? It's so cool. We have one down the street, but it's my understanding it's for the rich, gated neighborhood next door. Also, have you ever been to the Schlitterbahn in Texas?

  2. I didn't help with this one but may help with the expansion. I've never been to the "real" Schlitterbahn, but I wish I would have gone while I was in Austin. I've heard it is incredibly awesome.

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