30th Birthday


 My 30th Birthday Party was last Saturday, which makes the post fairly old and irrelevant.  I’ve been 30 forever now.  So what to say? I had a pretty great time.  I LOVED St. Johns, it was the perfect size for the group we had, and such a fun vibe.

We’ll have to come up with an excuse to throw another party there in the future because the night felt like it was over before it began. I managed to bowl three games that I kept track of, and one of those scores wasn’t totally embarassing.  Eric had the high score of the night with 187. 

It was hard to find pictures to post because Craig was the designated photographer and 90% of the pictures were “action shots”, i.e.- people’s butts. So to all my lovely, friends and family and coworkers- thank you for an awesome night, and I won’t embarrass you on the blog without your permission. Can’t promise they won’t show up on Facebook though.  Anyways, here a a few of the non-embarrassing photos from the night:

Can you see Leah’s black feet?
“Make sure you don’t get my socks” says Me.  “Okay!” says Craig.  Thanks, husband.

One of the few balls that made it all the way down.
Devan had a blast. But he really, really needed bumpers.  Thanks Grandpa for being the designated ball fetcher!
Craig’s family.  He won’t be thrilled I posted this one, but it is payback for the socks.

In related news, I’ve probably gained at least 5 pounds this past week from all of the gluten free beer and baked goods I’ve been consuming, you all certainly know how to make me feel loved.  I had GF beer and cake as my dinner at least twice this past week.  It’s my “birthday week”, it’s allowed. 

Next up, another quilt.  Because in the midst of stuffing my face and working overtime and keeping our garden alive I managed to get this one done, just in time. 


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