Girlie Bags


I’ve never been a girly girl.  I don’t like cutesy stuff.  I can live without ruffles and princesses.  But now I am a mom to a girl, so I think perhaps it is time for me to learn how to embrace a little girliness.  I got some practice this last week making these fun little bags for two special girls who are turning ONE.

I used the excellent hobo bag tutorial from MADE, adding the ruffle and lining.  I used ribbon instead of rope to make them purty, and added my nerdy little ‘sew happily’ label.  And then to make them birthday gift-able, I sewed up an assortment of bean bags to put in each bag.

We went to the first party yesterday, and the Birthday Girl loved her bean bags. Hopefully these bags will hold all sorts of special treasures through the years! 


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  1. Totally cute and just the right amount of girlie touch, and as an early childhood educator, I endorse bean bags-so many things to do with them! And I think sew therapy is good for you! mommamarj

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