Friday Soapbox


What a great article:  After Miscarriage, Missing the Luxury of Grieving

As someone who has experienced the devastation of pregnancy loss firsthand, and who has watched so many friends struggle with emotions after a loss, I thought this author hit the nail on the head.  Grief is necessary.

Why on earth, are we as a society, so reluctant to let others grieve?  We rush to tell them “It will be okay” when it isn’t, and are so uncomfortable around people who are sad.  The knowledge that things will eventually hurt less does nothing when someone is grieving in the present. Grief is okay.  It is natural, it is necessary, and we shouldn’t be so uncomfortable in it’s presence.  Let a person cry, let them mourn, let them talk, and let them tell you when things are okay, not the other way around. 

What a heavy topic for a Friday afternoon!  Since no one responded with proper disbelief to the great Wii Fit age injustice of my last post, I hardly imagine this is a topic you all will feel like taking up on the weekend.  But, I just can hardly overstate how important this is.  Grief is necessary.

And on that note, have a good weekend.


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  1. Thanks for posting this Elizabeth. I'm glad someone is speaking out about such a sensitive issue for so many. I sent the link to some of our friends in hopes it might help them understand what we're going through. ~April

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