Oh Boy! Chicken


There is an awful lot going on in my mind right now and I probably could sit here and write 4 separate posts, but then I’ve totally blown my chance of getting to work by 9.  So I’ll just start with this Saturday, when we went to celebrate Dad turning SIXTY-THREE by eating at the home of the “City’s Best Hand-made Gluten-Free Fried Chicken“.  Really, that’s the claim.  Without ever having eaten there, I felt fairly certain they could just go ahead and claim “Best Gluten-Free Fried Chicken Ever.”  Because, you know, there just isn’t much competition in that field.

So, we drove to Lawrence where I first selfishly made my enire family wait while I flew through Sarah’s Fabrics buying what I could before they closed and kicked me out.  They actually locked the doors on us, oops.  But I found out-of-print and nearly impossible to find cheater prints from Wonderland (my fav fabric line), and then a few more Children at Play prints so it was totally worth it.  But wait, it wasn’t my birthday, it was Dad’s, so lets get to the chicken.

Honestly, it was really good.  Really, really, really good.  And so was the fried okra.  And coleslaw.  And the weird potatoes weren’t so bad either.  And all of this was a little surprising because the city’s best chicken is found inside a Vietnamese Restaurant, decorated with silk flowers and an exercise bike.  You can’t make this stuff up, and I took pictures. 

Hello everyone! Smile! Smile? (Can you see the exercise bike?)

There are some smiles.  Hello, sun.
Hey Grandpa, how about we break out those Birthday cookies??

So if you are up for an adventure, and are craving some delicious fried chicken (even the “normal” people in our family thought it was great), you’ll have to give it a try.   Happy Birthday Dad!


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