Enough about me.


What about the kiddos? Well, they are both doing pretty darn good. 

So.. Devan, and the whole gluten free thing?  He’s doing great.  Here I was freaking out over all of the tears and explanations and break-downs in the grocery store that I foresaw in our future and there has been none of that.  He has impressed me, and reminded me how resilient kids are.  “Can I eat that?  No?  Okay!”  Seriously, he has done awesome.  I shouldn’t have worried a bit.

The hard part, as it turns out, is on our end.  I’ve got this diet figured out for me, but we’re learning feeding a kid is a whole ‘nother deal.  And I’m becoming aware of how much I have over-relied on graham crackers, gold-fish, and toast to fill up my kids. So there is a learning curve, again.  But it will be quicker this time, I’m hoping. And I’m also hoping we don’t go broke with these ridiculous grocery store bills.  But hey, at least we have the food to buy.  Even if is is $4 for 3.4 ounces of crackers.  Sigh.  

At any rate, Devan is convinced that this is a short term deal because he has over-heard adults saying as much, but truthfully? I think it is working.

And Leah?  Our little girl is such a delight. And she is taking steps!! More and more each day, though she still strongly prefers to crawl.

And check out these pig-tails!! Leah was thrilled with her new back-pack, just like older brother has.

My sweet kiddos, they keep me sane.  Just as often as they drive me completely crazy. .

Sweet little me? Drive you crazy?

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