Back to Me, Briefly


Or not so briefly.

If you let me tell you complain about my root canal, I swear that the next few posts will be filled with cute things I’ve made and pictures of our newly painted house, and new landscaping, and other fun, positive, non-whiny things.  I promise.

But first, this abscess, oh my goodness.  I think there is little question in my mind it is the root cause (ha ha) of my misery this past month.  My swollen lymph node, sore jaw, and bone numbing fatigue all seemed to hit at the same time.  So no lymphoma, thank you very much doctor.  Just a gigantic, puss filled abscess under a tooth which I paid good money to have a root canal on five years ago, because the original filling had been botched.  Apparently, given my prior x-rays and sensitivity in a tooth that has no nerves, it’s probably been infected for years and my body has kept it contained to a small area under the tooth.  And then for some reason, the infection started to win and has filled a crater in my mouth the size of a golf ball.  Maybe a marble.  And I feel awful.

So, less than a week after the doc tells me my stomach is in bad shape and I need to stop taking painkillers, I’m put on antibiotic that is hard on the tummy.  Because I’m terribly allergic to amoxicillin.  Though this lovely antibiotic, in addition to laying waste to my tummy has caused several itchy rashes to crop up, but that is the least of my concerns. Yesterday I was feeling really horrible.  And it was a really long and emotionally draining day. And then I had car trouble after work and thankfully Eric came to save me and I scored some awesome deals on gluten free granola bars at Green Acres while I waited but it did take forever (though no fault of Eric’s) and I almost ran out of gas and had to stop at the ghetto downtown station where I always think I will most definitely get robbed and I didn’t get home until 8:30 and by that point my head was throbbing and I was pretty sure I was going to vomit or pass out but instead spend 45 minutes per-registering and detailing my medical history on the endodontist’s website, which left me feeling like a  unhealthy loser who answered “yes” to a quarter of the questions and spent 10 minutes gathering and typing in all of my prescriptions. Why do they care? (This whole paragraph is largely irrelevant, but I figured I might as well get it off my chest while I’m complaining.)

This morning I woke up and felt terrible.  And then I remembered I had to go get those shots and my stomach started doing flips.  I hate getting shots.  So, I managed not to cry (barely) as he gave me THREE SHOTS and then they covered my mouth with a rubber dam and leaned me back.  At which point, all the nasty drainage started running down my throat.  I think that having your mouth forced open and drilled in while having a plugged up nose and drainage down your throat is about as miserable as dental work can get.  And just for fun, my stomach felt hideous from those antiobiotics.  I tried my yoga skills to “melt” into the chair and relax and picture myself on a warm sandy beach but I eventually gave up and just sat there tense and feeling miserable.

Finally, he’s done.  I’m thinking I survived, glad this is over.  And then he says- “it looks okay, I’m betting that we are going to be able to save it.  Come back in a month and hopefully this infection is cleared up and we can fill it.”

@#^%^&WHAT????  I just payed you $600 and I might still have to get this tooth pulled?  And I have to come BACK?  But that’s not all.  He gave me a prescription for Loratab and told me that I’ll probably feel worse than I have been for the next few days and I should keep it iced and stay on some pain meds.  (That again, I’ve been told to avoid by doctor #1.)

So to summarize, I endured this terrible agony, payed $600 out of pocket, and I’m going to feel WORSE, and I have to come BACK for more.  And if it all works, I get to return to my dentist and pay even more money to have my crown repaired.  All because 10 years ago some dentist did a crummy filling for a small cavity. 

I tried to think of a silver lining to end this post, like, if I lived in a  third world country they would have pulled the tooth with no pain meds, but if I lived in a third world country I wouldn’t have been eating all the crap that gave me the cavity in the first place.   So pretty much, it just sucks.  And now I’m going to go take the pain meds, get an ice pack and a bucket, and go watch some bad day time t.v.


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  1. well this post sure makes me feel better about only being stuck at home with a cold and two small kids who are also sick. Does that help? No? Sorry Elizabeth. Feel better soon!

  2. I must tell you – I wasn't kidding when I said I was calling to make that appointment. I went today and it was not my best – two cavities and a cracked tooth that needs a crown. Also two other teeth that are developing cracks that will probably need crowns someday. Also I need a night guard because I clench A LOT. So I know it's nothing compared to what you've gone through, but I wanted to let you know you inspired me to get an appointment and take care of things!

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