Ruby Star Rising


A promise is a promise, so how about I start off with sharing my new library bag?  When I very first saw the viewfinder print from Melody Miller’s Ruby Star Rising line, I knew I needed some.  So did everyone else, apparently, because the fabric sold out in about a day.  I signed up to be notified when it was restocked and a month later, paid an absurd amount of money for a yard of this stuff.  But I LOVE it.  Viewfinders! How fun is that?

So, I made a bag.  With my new sewing machine.  So now I can’t blame any mistakes on my machine, they most definitely are the result of my own stupidity.  But I won’t show you the mistakes, because overall, I’m happy with this one. 

I used the market purse tutorial from fabricworm.  My only regret is not interfacing the strap.  And also, that other big mistake I made that I’m not showing you. 

Sharing my next project will require that I have a little model who cooperates with me, so we shall see.


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