Walk This Way


This past Sunday, Leah woke up and decided that she was going to walk.  And we have taken about 2 dozen videos of her walking, because we could hardly be more excited for her. The first few days she would fall every ten steps or so and just get back up and keep going.  By the end of the day she would be exhausted, falling every 4 steps, but would still get right back up.  Each day since she has gained strength and confidence and today while we were watering our community garden she just took off down the mulch pathways and across the lawn.

So, here is one of the videos of her early, endearingly awkward attempts.  Some things of note:

  • Her gigantic cloth diaper butt is awesome for padding the falls.
  • Leah does an awesome Downward Dog (Too early for Yoga?)
  • I’m sorry for my commentary. I hate hearing my voice on video, surely I don’t really sound like that.
  • However, you do have to listen to it so you can hear Devan’s commentary.
  • Four year olds are weird.

Yay Leah! I am so proud of you! Like any good parent, I think you are about the cutest thing ever and I could hardly love you more.


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