Quilt #20, Baby Patchwork


Sorry, but this one has a back story.

Our family moved to Manhattan, Kansas when I was about to start seventh grade.  Middle School.  The years of extreme awkwardness.  Proof? My yearbook photo:

We moved from a town with a total population of 400 people to a town where my class size was 400 people. It could have been awful, it could have been hell, I could have been tortured.  But I was beyond blessed to meet a fantastic group of friends who didn’t seem to care that I was the dorkiest thing to hit Manhattan in a long time.  Emily, Olivia, Jenny, Ellen, Kristen, Kristin, and Sarah.  I was able to have a fabulous 6 years of middle school and high school in all of my dorky glory because I had friends who were genuine and could see past the superficial that so many that age are caught up with.

Then I went off to college, which means I moved about 7 minutes from my folks house into the dorms at K-State.  But it seemed like a world away and I got caught up in studio and lost touch with a few of these wonderful people, and the fault was all my own.  And after college I married and moved off to Independence, and then to Overland Park.  And then seemingly out of the blue a few years ago we received a wedding invitation from Sarah.  Who’s Sarah? Asked Craig.  It’s true, we had not been in contact in nearly ten years.  She was a really special friend, I told him, I want to go.  So we went, and it was a wonderful wedding, and I started reading her blog, and then around a year later she and her husband Shea moved back to Kansas City and we were able to reconnect.  How awesome is that?  I think it’s pretty awesome. In fact, I think I’m pretty lucky that so many of my good friends have been in my life for such a long time.  I know some pretty neat people.

So, ANYWAYS, Sarah and Shea had a sweet little baby boy in August, and I was able to make him a quilt.  Because I now have a sewing machine that will sew straight stitches in a straight line, and it was glorious.  I had a blast making this cute little patchwork quilt, my first quilt with my new machine. I used a variety of fabrics that I’ve been collecting (I just love boy fabrics, I have 10x more boy prints than girly prints) and bound it with the dots from Chidren at Play line, by Craig’s recommendation.  I used a dark gray flannel for the backing and was able to use gray thread in the bobbin without any tension issues.  Again, glorious.  I’m pretty sure Craig didn’t hear ANY naughty words while I was making this one, because it was just plain fun. And now baby Henry is in posession of his new quilt, so I can share it with you all.

I love this size of quilt because it fits a crib exactly which means it can be used as a giant sheet saver, and it also folds up to travel nicely.  And hopefully when Henry is older, he can drag it around and wear it out.  I’m still waiting for Leah to take to her quilts, she is much more in love with that hideous bright purple monkey that we got her from Silver Dollar City.  But someday, surely, she’ll love her little quilt and I hope that Henry will too.  At any rate, I had so much fun making it, and I am so thankful for my new machine.  I don’t have to give up quilting, and now I can continue with my fabric collecting as well! So horray for a good sewing machine, a fun hobby, and wonderful friends.

Life is good. 


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