Yeah, that did not go well.

I made it to the evening of day five and while reading message boards about people going to the E.R., and having breakdowns, and being on suicide watch from stopping their meds cold turkey I decided I was not longer interested in toughing it out because I don’t really want to become crazy.  Plus, the pain came back full force.  I’m not interested in that either.

So, I guess I’ll be drug dependent for a little while longer.  The only side effect, besides being dead to the world at night, is that the medicine makes me gain weight. But I guess most of you would feel that is only fair to make up for the incredible metabolism I have been blessed with up until now.

I really have a love/hate relationship with modern medicine.  I’m pretty sure I’d go all out holistic crunchy granola naturopathic homeopathic acupuncture chiropractic, if only insurance would cover it.

For now, I take a pill, and life goes on.


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  1. You could gain 30 pounds and still be a tiny thing.Cold turkey is never good. I tried it with caffeine once. I'm sure it's the same thing, right? :)Good luck. Slowly but surely, right?

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