That did not go well, but it could have been worse


This year has been a doozie, any way I look at it.

Some days I don’t know whether I am lucky or unlucky, but lately I have definitely felt to be somewhat cursed.  The root canal/infection situation is finally in the midst of being resolved, I am on so many antibiotics at this point that I don’t think there could be ANYTHING left alive anywhere in my body.  I suppose I should count this outcome in the luck column, because as of Tuesday morning with my face hot and swollen and painful, it was looking like a near certainty that I would be having surgery on my lymph nodes to drain them.  I got a lovely shot in the rear, gave up a few liters of blood, and then refrained from eating the rest of the day before I headed off to the CT scan (my second for the year, ridiculous!) feeling un-hopeful, dejected, and a little bit ticked off at the entire situation. So I’m very thankful to have avoided the surgery, but I’m still wondering what to blame this ridiculousness on. I suppose that’s just life, but it seems like an awful lot of “life” has been happening to us.

I’m incredibly thankful to my folks, who came to nurse me and chase down the kids while I wallowed in misery, even though they had their own things going on this week.  Mom said given how I looked Sunday, and how the kids were behaving (and no doubt how our house looked) that it was obvious I needed a hand and I can not even express how glad I was when Dad showed up at our door Tuesday morning. I do think Leah wore him down pretty good because he ended up having heart surgery this morning.  Just kidding, about Leah.  He really did have heart surgery.  It was planned though, and all went well and we talked this morning and have decided that we are both going to be healthy for November and December.  And since we have decided it, that is how it is going to be.  Because I’ve pretty much had my fill of this junk, and I would like to move on to worrying about something different.


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