The price to be paid


Craig and I had a fabulous weekend.  A really, really fabulous weekend.  We dropped off the kids for the weekend with his parents, and arrived home at 10pm giddy with excitement.  Oh, the possibilities!  Sleeping in! Movies! Shopping! Eating Out! Sewing!

We couldn’t decide what sounded best, so we just did it all.  We slept in (until 8am!!!), read the newspaper, cleaned the house, threw away bags of junk, boxed up toys, books and clothes for consignment, we shopped, we ate out, we watched movies, I finished a quilt top and a blanket, cleaned our huge fish tank, bought new fish for our other tank, cleaned the basement, fixed the sink and two stuck windows, slept in again… it was awesome and relaxing.

Then we spent today up at his grandparents farm enjoying the gorgeous weather while the kids wore themselves out running around and playing. We came home with a trunk full of green tomatoes, walnuts and other food goodies and a kid who just couldn’t stop talking he was so excited from the days activities.  It was perfection.  A really great weekend, beginning to end.

Except, for the very end.  The part where I dropped Craig off to go visit KC’s finest haunted houses with a large group of teenagers while I took our overly-tired and sugared up kids home to feed and get ready for bed.  I got the poor end of the deal, safe to say.

Let’s just say in the past twenty minutes, Leah slapped me in the face, screamed, and bit my arm as I went to lay her down for bed while Devan tracked water all over the bathroom, refused to eat dinner, called me a big “(*&!@#) when I tried to wash his hair, and let me know he would hit me if I ever got him in trouble again.  And also, he let me know that I am mean.  And that he won’t play with me again.  Ever. EVERRRRRR!! 

I picked out his bedtime story for tonight, Lowly Worm’s Horrid Pests from Busytown. “Lowly Worm hates quarreling pests…there are also driving-people-crazy pests…Pig-Will and Pig-Me Too always do what they are asked with a smile…take small bites and chew slowly….don’t be like that rude fellow!…etc.”

I’m hoping it wasn’t too subtle.

Oh well, they are both quiet now and I have to say, a few days of spontaneous fun was definitely worth the headaches of re-acclimation.  And tomorrow they will be as sweet as ever, I’m sure.


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