A Clean House, brought to you by Prednisone and Halloween Candy


That’s right, I’ve got some energy today!!!  For the first time in… a long time.  I saw an ENT yesterday and it looks like the infection is gone but the inflammation left behind is pretty bad, and the reason for the continued swelling and pain.  So, 3 more weeks of steroids!  I’ll take it!  I’ll get a little bit fatter, have a lot more energy, and be awake at all hours of the night.  But for the first time in months and months, my face doesn’t hurt.

So I cleaned this morning and our kids fought. It doesn’t help that Leah is sick with a double ear infection and respiratory infection, requiring the much beloved nebulizer. And she is wiping snot on everybody and everything.  And Devan still thinks I am the most awful mom on the entire planet. But that’s all okay! Because I ate lots of Halloween candy and now I feel even better, at least for the next 45 minutes.  I’m off to clean some more! Life can be good, even when it isn’t, right?


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