Back in the Saddle


Thanks a lot, Google Reader.  Now I know better than to write a fuming post at 2am because even when I come to my senses at 7 am, Google Reader will not come to it’s senses 7 hours later.  So sorry if you caught that.  I’m feeling better now.  Kind of. But sorry, really, I am.

SO, I’m going back to work on Tuesday.  I realize most of you didn’t know I ever left work, but I did in early September.  My stomach was bleeding, I was feeling run down and awful, and it seemed like our entire family was sick and needed my help.   I was overwhelmed and desperately needing a restful, energizing break so I took a leave of absence.  As we now know, the root canal and abscess saga turned into a bigger mess than I could have ever imagined, and with Leah getting sick we spent the better part of 2 months traipsing around from doctor to doctor.  In retrospect, thank goodness for the time off.

It wasn’t all bad, though it definitely wasn’t what I expected.  I planned on playdates, dinners with friends, relaxing evenings and a very clean house.  Instead, we holed up like hermits and I spent a lot of time with painkillers and movies. 

Devan did get to join a fun little soccer class, we made trips to the Arboretum and numerous parks, we went on walks and played outside nearly every day.  I really did treasure the time with them, and I gained the confidence that I could be a stay at home mom, and if I could do a halfway decent job while feeling so completely miserable, then I could definitely do it when this all finally goes away.  I debating quitting my job numerous times but in the end, I came back to the same decision I always have- I really enjoy working.  It’s who I am, and I missed it.  I’ll be working just 3 days a week from awhile, I think it is about what I can handle while keeping all the other balls in the air.  I hope I can do it.

And finally, I meant to share the fun I had juicing.  I thought this would be the key to great health, before I learned that the real reason I felt so crummy was a huge raging infection.  I guess the juice didn’t hurt anything. I used pretty much everything in the vegetable drawer- kale, spinach, parsely, carrots, apple, orange, ginger, and a few other random things.  It was the nastiest looking stuff you could imagine, but surpringly drinkable.

I gave it a good go, but I’ve decided though that I definitely prefer my fruit smoothies to the green grossness.  Blend one cup of almond milk, one container of plain yogurt, one frozen banana, 3 T. flaxseed meal, cinnamon, agave syrup, and a cup of whatever frozen fruit is on hand.  Delicious, and enough for the kids and I to fill up on. Not as healthy as kale juice I know, but much more appealing. 


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