Just another Manic Monday


Yesterday was like a lot of our Monday’s lately, where I load up two grumpy and sick kids into the car so we can arrive late at some doctors appointment or another and wait for over an hour in the waiting room, and 30 minute back in the patient room.  I usually realize about 5 minutes in that the snacks and diversions I have packed are grossly inadequate. Yesterday was especially miserable as our appointment was at 11 but our wait time stretched quickly into lunchtime and I had two bored and hungry kids on my hands.

When we finally saw the doctor we learned that after 2 weeks of breathing treatments through the nebulizer and 10 days of antibiotics, that Leah’s ears are still infected and her chest sounds terrible.  As he started to tell me how to know when to take her to urgent care vs. the emergency room and all the different sorts of inhaler options it registered to me that he seemed to be suggesting she has asthma.  So I asked and he said most definitely, given her clinical history so far, like we talked about last time. I don’t remember talking about it last time, though that means nothing. So, just like that, she has asthma.  He said it was somewhat likely she would develop it after last year’s respiratory stuff, and my own history of childhood asthma.  Okay, another chronic disease to add to our list.  Fine.  Whatever.  Pile it on.

Let’s get this girl her immunizations finally.  Oh wait, that ear infection.  We’ll come back next week, again.  Wait for an hour and pay a copay, again.  I told the nurse- well, maybe the third time will be the charm.  She laughed and said, this WAS the third time, you are on try # four now!  We’ve had so much fun there, I can”t even keep track.

So the next few weeks  we are hoping  some stronger steroids will help open up her lungs, we hope this stronger antibiotic will clear out her ears so she no longer stumbles around like a drunk toddler.  We most definitely are going to get her set up for tubes, there is no sense in repeating this month after month all winter long.  And I’ll get to see the ENT again myself no doubt because this lymph node is stubborn and hard and painful, and seems to be growing despite my own large doses of steroids.

Thank goodness for all this time off for spending quality time with the kids. Ha.

I guess I”m just feeling depleted.  I know it’s just been little things all year long, but when there are this many little things it starts to feel like a big thing.  And I keep saying “when we are all feeling better…” and I keep waiting for that and it is more elusive than I would like.  I’m not really sure how to recharge or how to start fresh with my attitude.  Waiting until we are all completely healthy could prove to be quite the exercise in patience so I need to start to accept that this is what it is.  Like I said, I’m not sure how to do that. This is just getting really old.

On a lighter note, I attempted to dig our house out of 2 months of neglect.  I failed obviously, because it is an impossible prospect.  But now I know I no longer have to do it alone.  While I vacuumed the kids rooms and dusted, I apparently had two little helpers who cleaned my disgusting shower. With wood oil spray and toilet paper. A project that they worked together on, in complete silence.

Hey, I’ll take all help I can get!


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