Hail Mary


I know you all are sick of hearing about our sickness.  I know, I know.  I’m sick of writing about it.  But that is more or less what we have been up to lately so we are all stuck, for now.

So, since I had today off we went to the doctor.  Because that is what we do every single day I have off.  I got smart and went ahead and scheduled Leah with the same ENT I was seeing to cut down on trips, though they still made me pay two co-pays, darn it.

The verdict is that the lymph nodes are not looking good.  Pretty much unchanged since I first discovered the issue and the whole tooth ordeal began.  To review, I’ve had a abscess in my jaw, parts one and two of a root canal, and a raging infection throughout my lymph nodes.  I’ve been on 3 courses of steroids and 4 rounds of antibiotics and have seen 6 different doctors and specialists.  My stomach is raw, and the prednisone and pain-killer side effects have been horrific.  Not to mention that I’ve caught about a cold a week with my lowered immunity.  I’m a mess and I’m running out of options.

The deal is, I have one teensy hope left to avoid surgery.  Surgery that is extremely risky due to the proximity of the lymph nodes to my facial nerves.  Surgery that is painful to recover from and will leave facial scars.  Surgery that I really, really, really don’t want to have.  There is this small possibility that the lymph nodes are still swollen because there is still infection in my jaw, infection that wasn’t completely knocked out by all of the other antibiotics.  So I get this one last chance, 3 weeks on a new antibiotic with the hope that the swelling will start to go down.  If it does, I don’t have to have surgery.  There is also an option that I could do a needle biopsy to see if any weird bacteria culture out from the lymph nodes themselves.  It’s highly unlikely, but thankfully this doctor is willing to exhaust every possible option before slicing up my face. I’ve got three weeks, I need a little miracle.

I want this to work.  I want this to work so badly, you have no idea. This has been dragging on for way too long and I am sick of my face hurting.  Please, please pray for me that this works.  I need to be optimistic, I want to believe it will work.

As for Leah, she is doing okay, her infection seems to be clearing but both ears are full of fluid.  She also gets three weeks to see if they clear before we schedule her for tube surgery.  Her cough has turned “productive” and I think she is finally on the downhill side of this respiratory infection after almost a month.  She has another few days of antibiotics and prednisone herself, and I’m hoping she isn’t dealing with any of the side effects I’ve been experiencing.  It’s so hard to know, it makes you wonder what kind of pain kids really go through when they can’t pop a pill like us adults. 

Three weeks.  A lot can happen in three weeks.  We don’t want to have surgery (I can safely speak for Leah here), we want to be healed.

Dear God, please let this be over in three weeks.  The Nelsons are exhausted and we’ve spent our Christmas budget on copays. And I know so many others deal with so much more, but they are stronger than I am.  I should pray for strength, but it would be easier if I didn’t need to be strong and this just all went away.  I would like to end this year better than it began.  Yours wearily, Elizabeth. 


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