Monday Tidbits


I puked my brains out yesterday.  And had other issues as well.  I’ll spare you the details, but seems how it was the most beautiful fall days ever it was especialy insulting to be so sick.  I’m keeping my food down today, so it’s gonna be a good day even if I do still feel slightly terrible.

We canceled our playdate for yesterday and Devan was so incredibly bummed. I’ve canceled 90% of our social engagements this fall.  True fact.  Just ask Kristin, Amy, Blair, Jenny, Sarah, Karen, or April.  Or anyone in my quilt guild.  It stinks.

The antibiotics aren’t working yet.  True, I’ve only had four pills out of 40, but still, I’m anxious for results.

I hope the antibiotics aren’t the reason I puked my brains out yesterday.  

Whenever I find an amazingly great deal, I become obsessed with finding MORE and MORE equally great deals.  And then I think it cancels out all of the supposed savings.  I think I am addicted to shopping.  Okay, I know I am.  But all of those fantastic bargains! How can I pass them up? 

I miss my sewing machine. She misses me too.

Our house needs re-decorated. Especially the front room where my spring decorations are still out and we have the biggest hodge-podge mess of furniture that you could imagine. I have no idea where or how to start. 

I’m obsessed with seafood lately.  Which is unfortuntate considering our geographic location. It would be much easier to become obsessed with beef.  That time in San Diego when I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich at an upscale Seafood Restaurant seems especially regrettable now. 

I’m not sure what to get the kids for Christmas.  I hate the idea of accumulating more and more junk, but I also know how much they both seem to like the junk. I’ve made them both something, and bought some art supplies and a few things off of e-bay, but I really don’t want to over-do it. 

Whenever I get too down, I write a letter to the girls we sponsor through Compassion.  There is no better way to gain perspective on your life. 

Also, whenever I get down I eat chocolate and shop online.  These aren’t as satisfying and rarely make me feel much better.

I wish I would have watched that K-State game.  Dad wishes he would have watched it too.  Sorry, Dad. 

I hope Leah is getting her shots right now.  Craig took her.  If she doesn’t get them this time, I’m going to cry.  I don’t want to return to the pediatrician for a looooong time.  Or at least for another few weeks when it is time for her 18 month shots.  


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  1. So sorry you were sick yesterday. I hope you continue to feel better and it was just some seafood you ate and not the antibiotics! The BEST gift I ever got my children was V-Tech's digital camera. They love and can do so much with it. It provides hours and hours of entertainment. If Devan doesn't have one yet- I highly recommend it! Take Care! Tabetha

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