My Stash

This is what it takes to keep me going each day, thanks to this whole lymph node/parotid gland/abscessed tooth ordeal. Because for every medicine there is a side effect.  And for every side effect, there is a medicine.  And for every side effect medicine side effect, there is a supplement.  And also, gummy vitamins.

Another thing, if you know you are most likely going to have a major surgery, you really shouldn’t google around and read first-hand accounts of all the horrible things that can go wrong.  Because it will scare the crap-ola out of you and you’ll have a panic attack.

Then again, I AM the 1%.  Not in the Wall-Street-Billionaire way, but in the way of having all of the bizarre side effects and complications from whatever crazy illness I’ve managed to contract.  It does make me wonder if I should take more pictures of my face while I can still smile and open my left eye.  Because if I have facial paralysis with a Frankenstein scar I will probably say to myself, why did I avoid having my picture taken when my face wasn’t all jacked up?

On a somewhat related note, I really need a catchy acronym for the whole situation because it looks as if I’ll be writing about it for quite awhile.  Maybe I’ll just call it ‘The Situation’.  Catchy, right?


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