As many of you saw on Facebook, I did not get very good news at my appointment Friday. The “mass” in my parotid gland is not connected to my tooth abscess (I’m not going to use the “T” word) and is not behaving like a reactive lymph node.  The plan now is to have a biopsy and ultrasound of the “mass” and then have the surgery, we won’t know for sure whether it is malignant or benign until the pathology reports come back.

However, I’m not thrilled with my current ENT and if this is going to be an ordeal, I need a doctor who can be forthcoming with me.  And who is a darn good surgeon.  Switching to a new doctor is going to slow this down a bit but in the end, I hope it will pay off with a more positive outcome.  In the meantime, I continue to be extremely tired and worn down.  The “mass” is slowly growing and is continuing to cause pain.

Lots of waiting, lots of nerves, and yes, lots of prayers. Thank you all for your kind messages and e-mails, I’ll get back to everyone eventually, I promise. I’m so lucky to be surronded with love and support.  And as Blair said, surely it is finally my turn to catch a break.


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  1. Even Jesus got mad sometimes. God never required me to be ‘miss happiness and light’ as I have gone through my past. He (she it they) heard all my tears and they were many. The future is a big unknown. Call me and we can talk pain relief alternatives. All your emotions are relevant. Its is ok to grieve. Know that I am indebted to you for the kindness you showed me in one of my darkest hours- when Mother died and I had no money to enable me to keep some of my family keepsakes and you offered to store some in your basement. I felt a great loss lifted. I am so proud of you Elizabeth. I love you. I pray for Craig and the kids and your whole family as you trudge forward.

    Love Aunt Lorrie

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