House Rules


Craig:    Devan, I don’t want you to go running so fast through the house.

Devan:    Why?

Craig:    You trip over lots of stuff, and bang into too many things.  So it’s just going to be a new rule.

Devan:    Well, when I’m older and have a baby, I’m not going to have ANY rules at my house.

Craig:    No rules at all?

Devan:    No.

Craig:    What if your kid wants to knock a plant over and dump dirt all over the floor.  That’ll be ok?

Devan:    Well, they can’t do that.

Craig:    But that’s a rule.

Devan:    Ok, well I’ll just have one rule.  No dumping over poison plants, or plants with dirt in them.  Actually, two.  Three rules.  No knocking over the Christmas tree.  And no taking off ornaments.  Well, 4 rules.  No opening presents before Christmas, or opening presents that aren’t yours.  So just 4 rules.  That’s all.

Craig:    So you’ll have 4 rules, huh?

Devan:    Yes.  Can you remember that for me, so I’ll not forget when I’m old.

Craig:    Sure, I’ll try to remember.


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  1. It is a superior idea to have historical documentation of this event so vital information won’t be lost!
    Grandma Nelson

  2. SO FUNNY! I love that boy. I can’t wait until Leah starts talking more. Between the two of them there will be many great stories to tell.

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