Tooth Fairy Debate


Though we are a few years out from this milestone, I hope, there has been some discussion around our house about what happens to the baby teeth that the tooth fairy harvests.  One of us feels like they should be kept forever, and one of us feels like they should immediately be pitched in the trash. One of us has been taking informal polls and both of us are curious about what is more “normal”.  So please, please, take a quick moment and help us out:






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  1. I recall keeping a few and then years later would find them in a memory box or something and think “why did I keep these?” It’s not one of the those things to me that is very sentimental.

  2. Esther lost her first tooth while eating and we never found it. She was devastated that the tooth fairy wouldn’t come! LOL! Of course she did! For her second tooth- I kept it for awhile- then decided I was okay with throwing it away. At this age there are so many other fun things that are more sentimental. 🙂

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