Almost There


We had a very nice Christmas. Devan didn’t get the ipad that he asked Santa for, but I let him know I had written Santa to say he was too young for an ipad.  Devan was rather irritated with me, but still believes in Santa. So that’s good.

The Christmas Eve service was beautiful, though Leah wouldn’t know as she was out roaming the hallways with her Grandpa and Uncle.  She LOVED her pretty Christmas dress and shoes- definitely a girly girl.  She even cried when I took off her dress to put on her pjs. I think I’m going to have fun sewing for her this summer!

Devan managed to sleep in until 7 am on Christmas morning. Woo-hoo!!  Kids aren’t known for being the most polite present-openers in the world, so I guess it seems like overall they did fairly good.  Leah is not at the age that she really cares about the opening, she just wanted to play amidst the chaos.  Devan loved his presents. I would share pictures but our camera battery died on Christmas Eve-it has remarkable timing like that.

We all needed an unwinding today and the kids had fun trashing the house and scattering their new toys everywhere. We took advantage of the mild weather and even went for a walk. It felt nice, and so normal. I am officially a walking disaster though, as I took a spill down our wooden stairs today while holding Leah.  She’s fine, I turned my ankle and banged up my back. Because of course I did!

Two more days.


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