Craig took some pictures today, wasn’t that nice? I’ve perused the “After” photos from various sites and Facebook groups and I think I’m going to be okay.  The first few weeks look incredibly gruesome, but then a few months out the scar is almost invisible.

The "last smile". Ha ha.

I've estimated the tumor size via Photoshop for this visual.

I check in tomorrow at 8:30, surgery starts at 10 and should take about 3 hours.  I will be moved to a unit after 2 hours in solitary confinement recovery.  Then everyone has to leave by 8:30pm and I will get to face my fear of hospitals as I spend the night alone, which is probably what I am dreading the most.  Expect lots of activity on Facebook.  Unless they give me the good drugs, then I’ll be sleeping.

Today, I am incredibly thankful for the response to the Meal Train, and I am also thankful to Karen for loaning me the book “Dinner through a Straw.” I think I’m going to have liquid pizza for our anniversary.  I’m thankful that Craig came home to help take care of our cranky kids because I was overwhelmed. I’m thankful they get to spend the next few days at their grandparents, and I’m thankful that my parents will be with Craig tomorrow while they all wait.  (I have the easy job tomorrow- I just show up.)

Next up, the AFTER pictures, I know you can hardly wait!!


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  1. The overnight stay seemed to never end- I couldn’t sleep and I was all alone. To me that was the worst part- I too had a drain in my neck. I also refused to take any medicine. SO be smart, take the drugs, and sleep through the night. You will be fine, this will all turn out good.

  2. We are praying for you and love you!!! And are here to tell you overnight hospitals aren’t bad. The nurses are really sweet… they love to take care of you. I did take the sleeping pills every other night b/c I was pregnant…but they come in to make sure you are ok every 2 hours… I learned to move as soon as they open the door so they don’t have to wake you a lot. Good luck xoxo.

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