If this makes no sense, I’m sorry.  I’m still pretty zonked.

The surgery went well.  It took about 4 hours and I spend about 3 hours in recovery, had a hard time waking up. Some other patient kept trying to talk to me and the nurse said I just looked at him like he was crazy.  The tumor was deeper and larger than expected but still a very positive report.  It was a benign frozen section which is fabulous news.  Craig or my parents would know more that I do, having heard it second hand myself, but the surgeon sounded positive that I won’t have a re-occurance, which can happen with this type of tumor.  I’l be monitored for 5 years with scans.

One of the best unexpected developments was that I was put in a private room on a quiet unit and Craig will be allowed to stay with me- what a blessing!  I have some odd weakness on the left side of my face, but no drooping, and the feeling is probably from the surgery itself. The drain is in the back of my neck and it one of the few very uncomfortable things as it is pulling tight. Hopefully will get that nasty thing out tomorrow! Otherwise, the pain is very bearable with all of the narcotics,  not much worse than it has been the past few months.  I was able to eat and chew some soft things with no trouble!  All in all, not as bad as I had been dreading.  They loaded me up with so much anti-nausea meds that I don’t think it would be possible to barf even if my tummy wanted to.

And for the record, I had no sense of calm this morning whatsoever.  Even after the Xanax.  But I have felt a sense of peace this evening, and I know so many are praying for me and I felt so loved from the e-mails and texts.  And today, I have felt like all of the prayers did indeed help everything go as smoothly as it could.  Hopefully recovery is also much easier than I had planned for, wouldn’t that be nice. I know it will be difficult, but not unbearable.  The worst is over.

Scar pictures soon! And if I don’t post tomorrow, hope you are all out having way more fun than we will be.  I love you all- firends, family, and anonymous readers too!


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  1. I am glad to hear that it went well. I have been thinking of you non-stop. Get some rest! Your kiddos are going to want their mommy back soon and are going to love to help you get better. Happy New Year.

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