8 years and a new beginning


First, 8 Years!

I took a bath today and washed my hair.  Without any twisting at the neck, it was harder than you might think.  And now I am back to the couch.  I am quite a vision, let me tell you.  Not quite the beautiful bride who walked down the aisle 8 years ago to marry my handsome husband.

We took those vows about sickness and health, and he has had to prove that he really meant them because this has been a challenging few years.  I am so thankful I am not going through these struggles without support.  I’m thankful he slept crunched up in a big chair last night so that I wouldn’t be alone.  I am thankful that he caught me when I fainted, that he is willing to clean my wounds, and takes such good care of our kiddos when Mommy is a mess.

And here we are, spending our second anniversary in a row with me being a mess.  My laparoscopic surgery last year was on the third of January, and this year I am just still feeling awful  (4 days post-op, I thought I would be out shopping by now. Or at least internet shopping.)  So no date nights or movies or nice dinners out for today.  I’ll be slurping pudding and swallowing piles of pills while our family enjoys the wonderful food that our friends are so generously providing.  And hopefully very soon, we can celebrate properly.  We’ve made it through some tough stuff this past year, and I think we need to celebrate making it to the other side.  Well, almost to the other side.

A New Beginning

I am over the moon excited about this.  Big new things are happening at work and I just have to share.


Same people, new company.  A fresh new look for the new year, completed in-house by my crazy-talented coworkers.  I am very much looking forward to getting back to work on a regular schedule, and I think this year is going to be a lot of fun.

Just need to put these next few weeks behind us and 2012 is going to be smooth sailing.


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  1. You guys should totally celebrate your anniversary repeatedly this year! 8 years is a big thing! So happy for you guys!
    Ryan and I ate chinese yesterday together (just us for a change!) and my fortune was: Don’t give up! The beginning is the hardest; it will get easier. Since you won’t be eating any fortune cookies, I’ll share my fortune with you! We miss you guys!

  2. I think Craig is a keeper after all you’ve been through together! Hey, as soon as you guys feel like celebrating we’ll come keep the kids and you can go out. love, mamamarj

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