Day Six


Feel like death, warmed over.

When I pictured two weeks of recovery, I didn’t picture this hideous pain.  It feels like the left side of my face was sliced off and my nerves are giving me every possible weird sensation there is.  The stitches are out though, and I didn’t faint. But going without painkillers? Major fail. Was reminded today about how extensive the surgery was when I asked about the bruising and got the final pathology, which was benign like we thought.  A 4cm x 3cm gigantic tumor.  Said they peeled back half of my face, and that I will be in pain for at least 2 weeks.  He highly recommended I get back on the narcotics.  I can’t decide which feeling is worse: the cold-sweat, loopy faint feeling of the narcotics or the dizzying pain- typically it is whatever I am not currently experiencing.

I’m very thankful for friends and family and I will share about the overwhelming generosity when I am feeling a little better.  Definitely lifts our spirits. Craig is worn out a bit, the kids don’t seem to realize they should be behaving BETTER not worse.

Hopefully soon this will all be nothing but a distant foggy memory and a very faint scar.  Until then, thank you all for your love.


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