Day Seven


Signs of Life.

I took ONE Vicodin last night.  With food.  It was a very bad idea, and it was a long, rough night.  BUT, I’m doing okay today.  I even took a shower, and I can’t tell you how good that feels.  Turns out I could have showered as soon as the drain came out, but they didn’t have time to tell me thanks to the fact that I blacked out.  Well that literally stinks, but I’m clean now and it is a big boost to my mental health even if it does little for my physical recovery.

I put on my K-State wildcat shirt and have crawled back into bed with my measly little bottle of ibuprofin and my big jug of ice water.  Maybe I’ll even watch the game tonight.

As a side note, I wanted to share how annoying it is when someone goes through a big life event (first baby, wedding, new house, parotid surgery) and seems to expect that the world should stop turning or that they are the first person EVER to experience such an event.  And so I feel I should state that I am not out fishing for extra sympthy or attention each day, I just have absolutely nothing else to write about at the moment.  It’s annoying to myself, so I can’t imagine what it is like to read every day.  I guess I’m sharing my misery, which is unfortunate.

I’ll upload a one week picture when Craig gets home tonight.  My ear still turns my stomach to look at, but there is progress and the brusising is starting to fade.


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