My Goodbye



My Grandmother Mary Pritz passed away last Tuesday, January 10th. She was 84 years old, reluctantly celebrating her latest birthday on December 21st.

Even when death is expected, even when it is welcomed by the one dying, it is still hard to say goodbye. I am very fortunate to have recovered enough to have made the trip to Wichita and even though we didn’t make it in time for the memorial itself, it was healing to gather with family and remember her.  We had beautiful weather for her graveside service, something you don’t always get in January.

There are so many things I want to tell you about my Grandmother, so many things that make me smile and leave me with positive memories.

I have no doubt that her love of nature and flowers had a profound influence on my life, as I am not sure I would have chosen the career path I did without the exposure I had as a young child to her beautiful gardens, brimming with life.

She created fabulous things for us as children, we all have wonderful collections of crocheted animals, sock monkeys, and afghans among many other handmade items. Again, an influence I am so grateful for.

She loved the color purple, and not because of K-State, but just because it is beautiful.

She read my blog regularly. Sometimes my aunt would print them out for her.

She loved us all unconditionally and fully. She was matter-of-fact, had a sense of humor, and was selfless in so many ways.

She raised seven children, and was a tireless caretaker for her son who lost his own cancer battle.  An experience most of us can not begin to imagine, which I know must invariably shape one’s view of life and death.

Grandmother was ready to go, she accepted death and welcomed it.  She lived a full and wonderful life, served God completely and without falter, and was an example to us all in so many ways.

My Grandmother was a pretty extraordinary woman, and I am lucky to have had her in my life.


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