Big Plans and New Beginnings


In case you wondered if I am still sewing, I am.  Barely.  But I have big plans for this year for loads of clothing for Leah, home decor projects, and fewer yet bigger quilts.  My goal is to finish six this year, and of the six, three are going to be doozies.  Why on earth I thought I could do a twin-sized raw edge circle quilt just because Alex was able to do it is beyond me.  I’m going to be sewing in circles until I’m dizzy.  But Devan is going to love it.

And, because I seem to like things a little bit crazy around here, I’ve decided to jump on the Swoon-along bandwagon with 450 other crazies (no offense).  Though the first block took me way, way, waaaaay longer than the two hours others have reported, I’m pretty happy with it.  Stuff lines up more or less like it should.  This never would have happened with my $100 Brother, I can assure you. This pattern is going to be more challenging than the quilts I typically make, but hopefully in a personal growth and development sort of way and not a screaming, crying, throwing things at the wall sort of way.  We’ll see.

Swoon Block #1

One block down, eight to go.  If I ever finish this, I’m pretty sure I’m going to love it.



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  1. Ha! I spent an hour looking at swoon blocks last night! I totally want to make one, but I don’t have the knowledge…maybe we can work on them in February?!

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