Still truckin’


I need to post every so often or my parents will call to see what is wrong.  It is true that I post less when I am overwhelmed, but sometimes I also post less when I am happy and busy.  Also, I post less when I spend all day in my pj’s, laying in bed waiting for 6 weeks post-op to hit, which is when I’m going to magically wake up and feel good as new.  Until then, how about some random thoughts?

It’s looking like I wasted money on buying the kids snow pants and snow boots.  Which is fine with me, I’m a winter-hater.  If we go the whole season without a bit more snow, I’ll be happy as can be.  Devan, however, would be incredibly bummed.  And since I love my kiddos, I guess I could tolerate one snow.  As long as it melts cleanly away the next day.  If you love winter, don’t worry, I very rarely get my way with the ways of the universe.  I’m sure February will be frigid and full of ice, not to worry.

Our piano is covered with get well cards, and sympathy cards, and happy anniversary cards.   Who said no one uses the post office anymore?  My friends and family sure do.  And I appreciate it.

I have not purchased any fabric this month.  Actually, I did, but only two half yards and they were on sale.  Well, and 6 yards of solids for my Swoon quilt.  But compared to a normal month, that is doing really well.  Which is a good thing, since I am still not back to work yet.

19 months is too young for a kid to help make pizza.  They will just eat slobbery fistfuls of cheese.

I need to buy more t-shirts if I ever have surgery again.  I have to do laundry every 5 days so I have enough sweat pants and t-shirts.

I haven’t had a haircut in 8 months.  You can tell. You can REALLY tell.

I’ve been taking antacids, and rolaids, and prevacid by the fist-fulls. And carafate before every meal but I still wake up in the morning with burning pain in my stomach.  I’m pretty sure it’s just an ulcer from the pain meds but if it is anything else I just might lose it.

We have big re-decorating plans for this year. New furniture, new paint, new fixtures, and a bathroom renovation.  We’ll see if we actually get around to any of it, lately I’m better at dreaming that doing.

I used to wonder if I was a hypochondriac but now I know for sure that I am not.  Because that label only fits if you don’t actually contract all of the illness that you worry about.  I have all of those, and then some.  Even though it has been one thing after another the past decade of my life, I will say that I know I am blessed to still be here to complain about it.  I do keep it in perspective.

Also, the kids are healthy.  It doesn’t get better than that.


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  1. Your parents appreciate the update:) …and yes ‘perspective’ …the positive is a little tougher than the negative.

  2. I had problems with my stomach too following a surgery in Dec. You should try an alkaline diet. It really helped me. Good luck with feeling better!

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