Quilt # 21, Pop Garden Zig Zag


My first quilt finish of 2012!  I suppose that is a bit misleading, as this one was 90% finished as of October of 2011 and has been patiently hanging out in my closet, waiting for me to finish quilting it.  Thankfully, I had a deadline for this one which provided inspiration to actually get er done.  This quilt was for my dear sister-in-law Karen, who just happened to have a birthday a few days ago.

Karen has the fortune, or misfortune I suppose, of living 5 minutes away from us and is therefore our go-to person when someone needs to run to the ER at 3 a.m.  Or, at 6:30 a.m., when someone can’t move from the bathroom floor and Leah is yelling to get out of her crib.  Or, at 12 pm when someone who can’t drive desperately needs to go to Whole Foods.  And not only does she help us out over and over, all of the time, she helps out everyone else she knows as well.  She’s pretty special, and I wanted to make her a special quilt.

If one were to describe Karen with colors, hot pink and bright yellow come to mind.  So I knew that I had to use my Heather Bailey Pop Garden and Bijoux stash for this one.  I’ve been hoarding this fabric for years, so it felt nice to actually use it!  The back is one of my favorite wallflower prints, in cream and green.  I used the green swirly buds for the binding.  It’s bright and cheerful- just like Karen!

I used the tutorial from Crazy Mom Quilts and the piecing went together quickly.  In fact the quilting went well also, just zig zags offset within the navy solid.  The biggest issue I had was trying to take a decent photograph of this quilt where the navy didn’t look black.

I sure tried though, I probably took nearly 100 pictures of this quilt in all sorts of lighting, from all sorts of angles, with two different cameras and three diferent lenses.  Bunched on chairs, draped on desks, taped to walls, hung from railings, with me standing on piano benches, and kids chairs, and even my sewing desk and a few other incredibly unstable surfaces.

Finally, I decided that this is just one of those quilts that looks better in person.


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