Some thoughts for a Monday afternoon


I would get a lot more quilting done if there weren’t a bed in my sewing room.  A bed with lots of poofy comforters and pillows.  A bed that is bathed in sunlight every afternoon.  A bed that calls to me…SLEEEEEP now, quilt later.

Devan has gunky pink-eye and Leah has noxious diarrhea.  Trying to keep the two segregated and keep everyone’s hands washed is wearing me out.  And I’ve washed my own hands with anti-bacterial soap so many times they are going to crack.  I scrubbed all the bathrooms, lysoled the house, and then took a nice, relaxing shower.

Leah learned the words “NO!” and “Miiiiiiiiiiiine!” at the same time.  It’s pretty much all we’ve heard the past week.  She is also fascinted with her toes, and spents an enternity removing imaginary lint from between them.  She’s weird, but I love her.

I finally got that haircut I’ve been needing.  It didn’t hurt, you can’t see the scar one bit, and my hairstylist wanted to know all of the gory details from the surgery.  I told her that she was weird and that most people don’t like talking about that.  She said from her experience, most people LOVE talking about the gory details.

Am I the only one who switched off the super close Superbowl game in order to watch the next episode of Downton Abbey?  Probably so, but I HAD to know what happens next.  Will Mary marry Sir Richard?  Will Matthew walk again?  Is Patrick for real?  Both kids are in bed at 7:59 sharp so that I can make my tea and watch my favorite show.

I am so glad that I am 30, so that I can fully embrace my nerdiness.




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  1. Apparently I’ve missed an episode. That’s what happens when you have 2 mins of free time a week, save the whole glorious Friday that was a snow day this past week!!!
    I will be watching Downton Abbey tonight. It is delightfully good isn’t it?
    I hope you are feeling much better these days and I hope the kiddos recover soon for your sake as much as theirs.

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