Hole in our hearts


As most of you may know, Melissa passed away yesterday morning.  It has been an emotional few days for everyone.   I stopped by Tuesday on my way home from work to tell her goodbye, and found myself blessed to witness a moment so deep and touching that I can only describe it as sacred.  It isn’t my story to tell, and so I leave it at that, but I was profoundly changed by that evening.  I awoke Wednesday and was powerfully convicted that I needed to make food for lunch and so I took the morning off of work, as I felt I was needed.  When I arrived the house was quiet and still, I saw her mothers face and I knew she was gone.  There was a reassuring calm and peace that morning that seemed to say, this is going to be alright.  We sat with her for awhile, and talked about what an amazing person she was.  There was some happiness and joy there, though I know there will be much heartache mixed in as well as everyone deals with the hole in our hearts.

There is so much more that could be said but these words are written from my perspective, and I am just one of hundreds who was touched by Melissa.  Her beautiful children, so full of life and joy, her devoted husband, her parents, and siblings, nieces and nephews, aunts and uncles, extended family and friends.  All have their stories of Melissa, what an amazing person she was, how lives will not be the same with her absence.  Please do pray for her family, that they have strength for the next few days and months to come.  That they are wrapped in love and peace, and will find comfort in the memory of Melissa’s full and joyful life.



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