My Very First Swap


I finally got my act together in time to participate in a KCMQG swap, my first ever! The concept of a ‘Mug Rug’ is a quilted mat large enough for your hot chocolate and gluten free muffin.  Or whatever else you might want to eat and drink instead.  I started this challenge early enough, digging through my scrap pile to find some favorites and dove right in.

The first attempt was a pieced top that I threw back in the closet as a failure until my friend Stephanie told me she thought I should finish it.  So, I did.  And then decided that I still didn’t think it was good enough to give away.  So, I made another one just three days before the swap and decided it wasn’t good enough and I would give away the first after all.  Then, I decided that I actually LOVED the first one and couldn’t bear to part with it.  Then I decided the second one was hideous and I would be embarrassed to swap it and I would have to make a third at 10pm Wednesday night when I got home from a meeting.  Then, Craig told me I was nuts and the second one would function just fine to hold someone’s drink and muffin and I needed to just swap it and stop stressing.

So, that’s what I did.  And it was just fine. (Even though mine was wrapped in an inside-out fedex envelope and everyone else had a cute bow or package.  I am such a loser sometimes!!) Maybe not the most creative or beautiful mug rug out there, but it was just fine.


Anyone want to guess which I ended up keeping?

In the end, I’m in love with the idea and now I want to make a million of them. Anyone want to guess what will be in everyone’s stockings this year?  (Just forget by Christmas.)


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  1. Of course this is coming from an untrained eye, but WOW! These are absolutely awesome!!! I love them both and I don’t know how you were able to part with either one of them! I have got to find some time to get down to business and learn how to quilt because I just LOVE seeing your fabulous creations! We miss you guys!

  2. Um, I’ve made a MILLION of them after seeing your AWESOME one with the mushroom fabric. I personally would have loved having that as my swap item!

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